How does it work?

Advance with Gateway Seminary.

The New Mexico School of Christian Leadership (NMSCL) is a site for the Advance program of Gateway Seminary. The Advance program is a tremendous mixture of the academic and the practical. The desire of Gateway Seminary and NMSCL is to provide quality education and training for Christian leaders that can be put to immediate use in their ministry context. As part of our focus on contextualizing this learning experience, we may offer classes in Spanish, classes that focus on ministry in the Native American culture, and classes in English that all take into account our New Mexico context.

Those who are interested in attending Advance classes at the NMSCL will need to make application to Gateway Seminary. Both the seminary and NMSCL strive to make the Advance program as accessible as possible. We believe both the content and environment of Advance classes may benefit pastors, those whom God may be calling to vocational ministry, deacons, small group leaders, Sunday school teachers, men’s and women’s ministry leaders, and any Christian who wishes to study at this level.

Our faculty commitment is to use local pastors and Christian leaders who are both well educated and passionate about the subjects they teach. Classes tend to meet once a week for about three hours, in order to meet the required number of hours throughout a semester. We strive to make the most out of the learning process, as well as enjoying the Lord and each other along the way.

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Instructions for New Students Enrolling with Gateway Seminary

  1. Click on the button above.
  2. Choose which diploma or certificate program you wish to enter.
  3. Be sure to read all the requirements for admission to Gateway Seminary.
  4. Choose the language you wish to use.
  5. Advance Center, from the drop down menu, choose New Mexico School of Christian Leadership.
  6. For those completing the application in Spanish – You MUST use English for the personal testimony.
  7. Church Participation field, this is for the person’s position at the church.