Spring 2021

All Classes Offered In Person and Online!**

Cost per class: $160.00 + books
Click the class meeting location for a map. The CBA and Baptist Foundation offices are in the same building.

CLE 2412 – Church Administration

Taught by John Torrison, Tuesdays, 6:00–9:00pm at CBA Office. *Class begins on January 5.

3 Credit Hours. An introduction to basic principles and methods of leadership, administration, and church growth in a church from 10-100. Unique aspects of biblical leadership as applied to the local church.

CLL 1113 – Baptist Heritage and Practice

Taught by David McConkey, Thursdays, 6:00–9:00pm at CBA Office. *Class begins on January 7.

3 Credit Hours. This course is a study of Baptist origins, development, doctrines, confessions, polity, leaders, and current trends. This course emphasizes the history and state of Southern Baptist (SBC) life relative to the cultural context of the CLD center which is offering the course.

CLE 1113 – Principles & Approaches to Bible Teaching

Taught by Harry Gullet, Mondays, 6:00–9:00pm at CBA Office. *Class begins on January 4.

3 Credit Hours. This course includes a study of the principles and methods of preparation, deliver, and evaluation for transformational Bible teaching. The course content includes a discussion of appropriate handling of the text and effective application of biblical principles.

CLE 2371 – Making Disciples

Taught by Scott Jimmerson, Mondays, 6:00–9:00pm at Vertical Church. *Class begins on January 4.

3 Credit Hours. This course explores the process of spiritual development, as well as methods of discipleship practiced in the church. Students will examine the biblical backgrounds of discipleship and the role of spiritual disciplines, community, development of spiritual gifts, and accountability in spiritual growth.

Fall 2021 Proposed Classes

(Proposed Classes: course offerings may change.) Intro to Preaching CLP 1411, Ministry in Crisis Situations CLP 2511, Old Testament Survey CLS 1114

For more information or to register, please contact Barbara Long, Registrar at 505-243-2707 or click here to email her.

**Classes offered online may have a requirement of class attendance for testing/class presentation.
*NMBF offices are at 2511 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque.
*CBA offices are at 2517 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque.
*Vertical Church is located at 4801 Montano Plaza, Suite A10, Albuquerque.

NMSCL is affiliated with Gateway Seminary.

Some classes may be scheduled at the NM Baptist Foundation Office.