Diploma Programs

Diploma in Christian Ministries

This is the starting diploma available through the Advance program of Gateway Seminary. To earn this diploma, you will study the same basic classes that seminary students take early on: Old and New Testament Surveys, Introduction to Theology, Baptist History, Ministry Foundations, Preaching and Teaching, Missions and Evangelism, and one elective.

Diploma in Theology

This next level diploma allows you to study in the same areas as the diploma in Christian Ministries, only you will get to do so at a more concentrated level. For instance, instead of covering the whole Old Testament, we will look at one book from each of the three major sections of the Old Testament. In theology we will drill down on a major area of theology and core doctrine.

Diploma in Church Planting

This diploma is an exciting alternative to the Diploma in Theology for those who are considering starting a church, or being a part of church plant. There are specific classes in church planting, as well as the opportunity for apprenticing. We hope to partner with the Church Planting Center of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico to help those who want to plant churches in the Albuquerque area.

Certificate Programs of Study

Certificates are shorter programs of study, which are concentrated to aid the student in specific areas of Christian mission or leadership. Each certificate consists of four courses. We offer four certificates:

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When you complete your diploma, you have the opportunity to participate in full-blown graduation ceremony through one of Gateway’s campuses!